A Fireman in the Frame


The small island private investigators thought their cases would be cheating husbands and lost dogs. Until the cheating husband turns up dead and the dog had its own agenda.

​​​​​​​Gay and newly married, Skandik and Owens discover there’s a need for their services. Gay men need private investigators too. Skandik and Owens can help, even if they aren’t Poirot in Tighty-Wighties.

Book #2 in the new private investigator series from Sue Brown. Skandik & Owens is a spin-off from the Isle series.

Hot on the heels of solving the murder, Skandik and Owens have a new case. A fireman thinks he’s being framed. Things are going wrong at his fire station and he’s getting the blame. Is it because he’s gay or for some other reason? Skandik & Owens investigate. They think it will be an easy case after solving the murder. They couldn’t be more wrong.

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