The Layered Mask

The Layered Mask front cover.


Two men drawn together in a time where the wrong word could send them to prison. Will they sacrifice their reputations for their hearts’ desire?

Lord Thomas Downe, the Duke of Lynwood, is acquiring an unwanted reputation. Rumours spread like wildfire in society and despite owning one of the richest estates in England he can’t afford to sully his family name. Time is running out for him to find a wife. Then Thomas meets a man that it might be worth sacrificing everything for.

Threatened by his father with disinheritance, young and innocent Lord Edwin Nash arrives in London with a sole purpose: to find a wife. He’s desperately unhappy, out of his depth in London society as he hides his true feelings from the world. Then Edwin meets a man who offers him a dance and a dangerous proposition, a chance to remove the mask he presents to the rest of the world.
Will Edwin take the Duke’s hand and step into a world he’s only dreamt about?

If you love Regency romances with a dashing, smouldering hero who takes on the world for his love, you’ll adore The Layered Mask.

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