Last Place in the Chalet


When there’s no room in the resort for Angel, will a broken-hearted man give him the last place in the chalet?

Noel leaves for his Christmas vacation with an engagement ring in his pocket. But he boards the plane alone when his boyfriend dumps him in the airport. He decides to spend his vacation skiing, drinking, and nursing his broken heart.

With a storm approaching the resort, and his ski chalet overbooked, Angel finds himself without a room. Will anyone give him somewhere to sleep for one night? His last hope is a bed in The Last Pine chalet.

If Noel and Angel start out as reluctant roommates, they soon discover they have deeper feelings for each other. With their eccentric chalet mates encouraging their relationship, Noel realizes he has a decision to make. Is this a rebound romance or the real thing?

If you like a tender Christmas story with a large stirring of humor and a dash of angst, the Last Place in the Chalet is for you.

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