A Little Christmas! Danny


A Daddy has a choice: power and influence or the love of a sweet boy. Which does he choose? Could he have both?

Finally! Daddy Romeo is thrilled to receive his invitation to the Christmas Ball at Little Heart Manor. It isn’t just any Christmas Ball. It is an entrée to an exclusive Daddy/boy club and now the invite is in his hands. Now he’s someone and the invitation proves it.

Danny dreads this time of year. Christmas reminds him of everything he lost three years ago. He’ll spend the festive season being abused by all the members of the club. Once he had been the premier little of the club, but now he’s no one and the bruises prove it.

Daddy Romeo discovers all is not what it seems beneath the sparkling surface of the club when he meets sweet Danny, who wears his pain beneath his smile. And Danny sees a way out of the club for the first time in years when he meets the gentle Daddy with the kind eyes.

Will they have to sacrifice their deepest desire to be together?

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