The Sky is Dead

The sky is Dead front cover.


After being homeless for years, Danny won’t survive another winter. Will he accept a fresh start with a new name? Will he take a chance on love?

Danny is a typical teenager, his life taken up with friends and school. Then he’s caught kissing a boy and thrown out by his parents. He learns fast how to live on the streets, doing what he has to survive, trusting no one.

When he reluctantly rescues a kid being targeted by bullies, he never expects Harry to keep returning. Harry is a force of nature and Danny is swept along. But Danny’s luck never lasts and he’s homeless and alone once more, determined never to give anyone his faith and heart again.

Living on the streets takes its toll and Danny is faced with a stark choice by his doctors. Will he take that second opportunity of life, a new home, and a new love? Can he take the chance on vibrant Jack, who offers him friendship and more? Is it Danny’s turn to look up to the stars?

Content advisory: The Sky is Dead contains harsh topics. Please download a sample and read the author note at the beginning if you are unsure.

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