The Fireman’s Pole

The fireman's pole front cover.


Sparks of passion ignite between the lord of the manor and the hot, new firefighter. But when Ben’s home goes up in flames, will Dale be in time to save his life?

Dale runs from the big city to a rural fire station to nurse his broken heart. But he immediately incurs the wrath of the handsome lord of the manor when he knocks over the village maypole.

Ben is used to people avoiding him. But the sexy, new firefighter is not like everyone else. Everywhere Ben goes; Dale is there too, and Ben can’t ignore the magnetism between them.

Will Ben ever forgive Dale for knocking over the maypole? Will Dale wait for Ben to disentangle himself from a relationship he was forced into? Will the villagers, the fire fighters, and the staff at the manor house, stop interfering in their relationship?

So many questions and no time to answer them, as an arsonist’s crimes are escalating, and Dale is worried that Ben could be his next target.

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