Still Loving You


This was originally published as Falling for Ramos. The content is the same, just in chronological order. 

It only takes one glance at the photo to realise that his heart is still with his first—and only—love.

After ten years apart, Colin takes one look at the handsome man in the newspaper photo and realises his heart still belongs to the boy he met at nineteen. But a lot has happened between the innocent student landing in Ramos’s lap and the battered and world-weary head teacher Colin is now.

Now Ramos is back in town for a few days, and he wants to meet Colin. However, Colin has a boyfriend, and he doesn’t cheat, even if his current relationship in its death throes.

Colin is caught between his heart and his head. Ramos wants a second chance at love. But even if—and it’s a big if—Colin agrees, Ramos will return home in a few days and the reason they split hasn’t gone away. Is the man he never stopped loving worth changing Colin’s whole world? Why does it have to be so complicated?

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