Biker Daddy Bodyguards box set

Biker daddy Bodyguards front cover.


Biker Daddy Bodyguards…experienced bodyguards with a particular skillset. To protect high-status, high-maintenance men who need a Daddy. It’s a high-stakes role but the rewards are worth it, for the Daddy and his boy.

Hold Firm – Is Quinn employed as Cade’s his bodyguard, his fake boyfriend, or his Daddy? The minute Quinn lays eyes on the bratty boy hunched in the chair, spitting fire and ice at him, he knows why he’s been chosen for this assignment. He doesn’t want to take the job but the boy’s life is in danger. Could Quinn turn him away?

Hold Close – Louis knows only one bodyguard he can trust to take care of him after a vicious assault. He’s prepared go to his knees and beg his former Daddy to help him. But will Craig listen?

Hold Safe – Mo is content with the quiet life. Once upon a time he had his happy ever after, but that ended with his heart broken. Now he’s being asked to guard an ego-driven businessman who has no idea how much danger he’s in. He should say no.

Hold Tight – Griff spends his evenings unofficially protecting the successful club owner, Jem Peacock, for the Biker Daddy Bodyguards. But Jem is a boy in need of a Daddy and Griff is desperate to take that job. He will wait patiently for Jem to trust him with the secret of his heart.

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