Stolen Dreams

Stolen Dreams front cover.


Second chances don’t always come with clean breaks. Sometimes they come with secrets and lies. Are they worth it or should Morgan and Shae walk away forever?

Morgan has a perfect life. A hot actor for a boyfriend. An assistant director’s job he loves. A coffee shop where he can feed his caffeine addiction.

Then Shae Delamere storms back into his life after five years and nothing is the same. Shae was his first love, his only love until Morgan screwed up so badly, they couldn’t recover from it.

Morgan faces his life in turmoil again. He and Shae can’t deny they still love each other, but can they be just friends? Morgan has a boyfriend he cares for, and Shae has a secret which he’s determined to keep from Morgan.

What happens when the secret and lies are exposed to the daylight? Will a second chance become no chance?

If you like second chances and complicated relationships, Stolen Dreams is for you.

CW mentions of past cheating

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