Isle Series box set


The Complete Isle Series…

The Isle Series…
It started with two men meeting at the end of a pier. It ended with a wedding. Happy Ever Afters guaranteed, even if sometimes they take a while.
A series of men finding comfort, family, friends, and love on one small island. Six novels in Sue Brown’s gorgeous found family, small island, M/M romance series.

Isle of Where
It started with two men meeting at the end of a pier. It could have ended there if one of the men hadn’t been Sam Owens.

Isle of Wishes
An out and proud bisexual UK cop meets closeted gay US cop for snarky conversation and intense stares. But when sparks ignite between the pair, can they stop the heated kisses long enough to find their man?

Isle of Waves
Wig and Nibs have the perfect world. Their home, their business and each other. But will they be strong enough to weather the coming storm?

Island Doctor
A closeted doctor with a broken heart. A down to earth mechanic in search of love. Will Jeff and Cameron find their happy every after or will Jeff’s ex-boyfriend reclaim his heart?

Island Counsellor
Two men hurting. A chance meeting on the beach leads to friendship and a little bit more. But can they heal each other to face their lives again?

Island Detective
Skandik and Owens, private detectives. Can they find a man who vanished over thirty years ago? Or will their first case break them apart?

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