Santa Daddy


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Santa Daddy © Sue Brown 2022


“Eddie, wake up. Wake up! Look, it’s an invitation to a Christmas party.”

Tyler waved it in Eddie’s face as he bounced on him.

“Go ‘way,” Eddie moaned. Eddie wanted to be asleep, naked, and wrapped around Tyler.

He didn’t want to wake up. He didn’t want to be bounced on before he’d even opened his eyes. He’d been happily fast asleep after another late night. The band had been at an intimate gig with about two hundred of their closest fans, then partied until the small hours. They’d stumbled into bed just after six in the morning, leaving the rest of the band behind, not ready to leave the party.

They’d slept as they always did when their Daddy Blake wasn’t with them. Naked and wrapped around each other, like baby hedgehogs, Eddie holding his comfort cock. That was Tyler’s. It had been his favourite dick until he met Blake. Now it was his joint favourite, but he still liked to hold it for comfort when he was asleep.

Their Daddy was on a special assignment in the arse end of nowhere for QuickFire. Eddie missed him, and he knew Tyler did too. They’d drowned their sorrows by drinking too much and partied too hard this week, just as they had before he made them his boys.

“Daddy wants us to go to a party!” Tyler bounced a little for emphasis.

Eddie cracked open one eye. “Blake?”

Tyler rolled his eyes. “Yes, Blake. Who do you expect it to be?” He bounced again. “I’m gonna tell him you thought someone else was your Daddy.”

“Fuck off. Quit jumping on my bladder,” Eddie grumbled. “I need to pee.” He shoved Tyler, who yelled as he rolled off the bed and hit the floor.


“Sorry,” Eddie said, totally insincerely, as he staggered to the bathroom.  

“Liar,” Tyler muttered, sprawled out on the floor. He was still there when Eddie returned.

Eddie bounced onto the bed and looked over the edge. “Are you gonna stay there all day? The carpet’s probably disgusting.”

Tyler stayed where he was and waved the invite at him. “I don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?” It was too early for cryptic remarks. Eddie needed five hours more sleep and coffee to deal with Tyler’s brain.

“I don’t get what the invitation means.”

“Give it to me.”

Eddie snatched the invite, ignoring the outraged, “Hey,” from Tyler. He ignored him and read the invite. “I understand.”

“Really?” Tyler looked confused. “You do?”

“Actually, no,” Eddie confessed. “I’ve not got a clue what he means, apart from the fact it’s got to be a Christmas party from the snow and holly on the invite.”

Tyler looked relieved as he clambered on the bed. “Oh, thank God. I thought it was just me. Do we tell him?”

“This is like our first date. He’s never invited us anywhere before. You want to tell our Daddy that we don’t understand the first invite he’s given us?”

“I thought you could tell him. He likes you.”

Eddie raised himself up on his elbow and glared down at Tyler. “You mean you want him to shout at me, not you.”

Tyler huffed at Eddie. “You know if I tell him he’s talking out of his arse, we’ll end up in each corner, nose to the wall.”

“Try not starting with that. You always start with that, and it gets us into trouble. I hate that corner.” Eddie sat up cross-legged.

“Careful with that,” Tyler muttered.


“You’ve got your comforter again.”

 Eddie squinted at him, then realised he’d grabbed Tyler’s cock again. “Sorry.” But he didn’t let go. He needed his comfort dick.

“This is important to Daddy,” Tyler said. “I don’t want to screw this up.”

“Let’s read it again.” Eddie suggested.

Tyler smoothed out the piece of paper. “Lemon Pie. 21:00. Ebony and Flame. My lap. Don’t be late.”

“Don’t be late. Well, I’ve got that part,” Eddie said.

“His lap.”

They stared at each other and gave dramatic shivers. Then they giggled.

Eddie counted on his fingers. “21:00. That’s got to be eight, no, nine o’clock.”

“What’s Lemon Pie?” Tyler asked.

“It’s not a club. We know all the clubs around here. Or a pub.” Eddie bounced off the bed, finally letting go of Tyler’s cock. “I’ll tap it into my phone. I’ve got fifty million recipes for lemon pie,” he grumbled. “Oh wait! It’s a club.” He looked up, staring at Tyler, and held out his phone. “Lemon Pie is a new club for people like us.”

“Daddy wants to take us to a Christmas party in a club for littles. So why couldn’t he have said that?” Tyler said, somewhat exasperated.

“Because he’s our Daddy,” Eddie pointed out. “You know he’s never gonna make it easy for us. But what’s Ebony and Flame? I don’t get that.”

Tyler slid off the bed and joined Eddie, his arm around Eddie’s shoulders as he turned them to look in the mirror, two slender bodies entwined. “His ebony and his flame.”

Eddie rested his flaming head on Tyler’s shoulder and smiled at his lover. “I understand now.”

He admired their reflection for a few minutes. They were good-looking men. Not built like their Daddy but slender, slim waist and hips and long legs, Eddie’s bright red hair a striking contrast to Tyler’s tumbling, glossy black curls.

“Daddy still hasn’t shaved us,” Tyler muttered, running his fingers through the matching red curls around Eddie’s cock.

“Maybe you shouldn’t distract him by suggesting a blowjob every time he suggests it,” Eddie said tartly, but he pushed into Tyler’s touch. His lover had such clever fingers. He gasped as Tyler wrapped his fingers around his dick and jacked it hard enough for him to follow the movement and stand on his toes.

“I could show what I can do with my mouth,” Tyler suggested. “That’s not breaking the rules.”

Blake had told them that while he was away, hands and mouths on cocks were fine. But no anal. That was for him alone. They’d pouted and sulked and ended up in the hated corners because spanking was for good boys.

“Now,” Eddie agreed, sighing with relief as Tyler sank to his knees. “I want him to fuck me tonight.”

Tyler mumbled something incoherent around Eddie’s cock which Eddie took as agreement. Tyler had bitched about not being fucked more than he had. Eddie shivered as the thought of his Daddy sliding his big, thick cock inside him.


He looked down to see Tyler scowling up at him. “What? What have I done?”

“You’re not meant to have fantasies of Daddy fucking you when I’m doing the hard work down here.”

Eddie didn’t deny it. His best friend knew him too well. “Sorry.” He wiggled and his hard dick bounced against Tyler’s mouth. “Pleeeease,” he crooned. “I need to come so badly.”

And because Tyler was a cockwhore and the best friend in the world, his mouth was wickedly hot and wet, and he melted Eddie’s brain as he sucked Eddie’s balls out of his dick.


“Wake up!”

Being woken up once was annoying. Twice in one day really pissed Eddie off. They’d played, maybe more than once, and gone back to sleep, sated and curled around each other.

“If you don’t move, your Daddy has given me permission to stand you in a corner for the whole evening and you’ll miss the party,” Paul drawled, his tone bored.

“You wouldn’t,” Tyler rasped.

“Try me.”

The determination in Paul’s voice was enough to make Eddie open his eyes, to see their other regular bodyguard staring down at them, arms folded. He hastily let go of Tyler’s cock, but Paul just rolled his eyes. It wasn’t like he hadn’t caught them in the same position on a regular basis.

“Get up. You’ve got a party to go to. You’ve got an hour to make yourself pretty—Blake’s words, not mine—and then you’re either on Santa’s lap or standing in the corner all evening. Shower. You both stink. There’s food out here.” Paul stalked out of the room, leaving the two of them staring at each other.

“For a guy who comes over Tesco vanilla, he’s got to be Dom in bed,” Tyler observed.

Eddie raised an eyebrow. “You think he’s vanilla?”

Tyler frowned. “You don’t?”

Now, did Eddie tell Tyler about watching Paul make their bandmate, Jamie, melt into his arms with one word, or not? Eddie jumped off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

Tyler howled and raced after him. “Come back, you bastard.”

Eddie grinned as he jumped into the shower. Of course he’d tell Tyler…eventually.

After their shower and rubbing each other with baby oil, and maybe just a little fun too—the baby oil had to be useful for something—they dressed in the Santa onesies left on their bed.

Tyler picked at the soft material disconsolately. “Why do I have to wear a onesie. Daddy knows I hate them. I want to wear leather.”

Eddie flung his arms around Tyler. “Because our Daddy wants us to. And we’ll do anything for him, right?”

He laughed as Tyler huffed, but he was right, and Tyler knew it. They were first class brats, but they’d do anything Blake ordered because they both loved him. And Tyler loved Eddie. He wasn’t really a little, but Eddie was, and Tyler would do anything for Eddie.

Paul walked in without knocking. “Great. You’re ready.”

Tyler stared at him in horror. “Ready? You’ve got to be joking. My hair. My make-up!”

“You’ve got twenty minutes,” Paul said flatly and stalked out.

“Definitely a Dom,” Tyler grumbled as he headed back into the bathroom.

Eddie flopped back on the bed, ignoring his wet hair soaking into the duvet, and grinned up at the ceiling. “I’m going to see my Daddy.”


The outside of the club was plain and drab, but inside Lemon Pie looked like an explosion in a tinsel factory. Tyler span around and around, his eyes wide as he gazed up at all the decorations.

“Wow! Oh, wow.”

He wasn’t the only one. Other littles, dressed like them, stared up at the ceiling too, their eyes wide and their mouths open. Whoever decorated the club had gone wild. Tyler loved it.

“No, you can’t decorate our flat like this. Daddy will hate it,” Eddie murmured in his ear.

“Spoilsport,” Tyler sulked, because Eddie was right. Their Daddy was all traditional. Tyler had time to work on him though. But he couldn’t remain pouty for long because this was beautiful. Gold and silver clashed with purple and red and green. “I wanna make snow angels out of the tinsel.”

He could imagine photos of himself in black leather, lying in an explosion of multi-coloured tinsel. Tyler mentally filed that one for next year’s Christmas album.

Eddie nudged him. “I don’t care about the decorations. I want to find our Daddy.”

“He’ll be the Santa in red leather,” Tyler said. It was a joke, meant to make Eddie laugh. Then he looked up. “Jesus,” he breathed.

“You just noticed, huh?” Eddie laughed at him.

The club was wall-to-wall Santas. And by that, Tyler meant wall-to-fucking-wall. They may have been wearing Santa hats and beards, but what happened below the neck made Tyler’s mouth go dry. Bare chests covered with fur, tight red leather trousers, big, black, stompy boots. It was Tyler’s Christmas fantasy come to life. He wanted to be naked in the middle of all of them.

“The Daddies decided to play dress-up,” he muttered, raking his gaze over each man. Oh yeah, the Daddies were having fun.

“There are so many of them,” Eddie said, sounding stressed as he looked around the room.

“We have to find our Daddy before I throw myself at the wrong hottie.”

Eddie smiled, his stressed expression vanishing as he put his arm around Tyler. “That’s easy.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s the one waiting for us to notice him.” Eddie turned Tyler to show him the tall, muscled Daddy in a Santa hat and beard who was focused on them, his crossed arms showing off his furry muscular chest, a delicious treasure trail leading to dark red leather trousers, and shiny, black boots that Tyler wanted to lick all over.

Tyler ran towards Blake before he had a chance to think about it. Blake opened his arms and Tyler leapt, Blake catching him and smooshing him against his chest.

“Fuck, fuck, I’ve missed you. Fuck. You’re never allowed to go away again,” Tyler ordered.

“Stop swearing,” Blake muttered against his lips before kissing him deeply.

Blake didn’t break the kiss as he shifted Tyler to one hip and wrapped a meaty arm around his other boy who waited patiently for his turn. Eddie tucked into his side, his arms around them both, his head pressed against Blake’s chest and Tyler’s knee.

Tyler felt Blake’s relieved sigh run through him. He was so happy to have his boys in his arms again.

“It’s been too long without you,” Blake murmured into Tyler’s hair, then he bent to kiss Eddie. Tyler just hung on and breathed in his Daddy’s scent.

Eyes glazed and lips puffy when Blake raised his head, Eddie muttered something incoherent.

Blake stroked his hair. “What did you say, sweet boy?”

“Tyler was unbearable while you were away.”

“I wasn’t,” Tyler protested. “You were the one who sulked all the time.”

“I didn’t sulk.”


Tyler launched himself at Eddie before he found himself, arse on the floor, next to Eddie, a fuming Blake standing over them, his arms folded. The effect was somewhat silly with the beard and hat now skewwhiff, but Tyler didn’t think Blake would appreciate being told that.

“Two minutes you’ve been here and you’re both causing trouble,” Blake snapped, his hands now on his hips.

Tyler was aware of the interest from other Daddies and littles nearby. He didn’t care. He was a pop star and used to causing a scene in public. He also noticed how Blake’s package was nicely framed in those trousers. Really nicely framed. He focused on that.

Eddie hung his head. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I started it.”

Blake’s expression didn’t soften. At least Tyler thought it didn’t behind the beard. “Yes, you did.”

Tyler sneaked his hand into Eddie’s and squeezed it. “I’m sorry too, Daddy.”

“And what are you sorry for?”

“Uh…” Tyler had to think about it for a moment. “Continuing the fight?”

Eddie squeezed his hand, so he guessed it was a good enough response.

Blake expelled a long breath. “Thank you for both apologising. Come here.”

They scrambled up, using each other as climbing poles, until they were back in his arms. He held them so tightly against his chest, Tyler could barely breathe. It was perfect.

“I missed you two, my boys.” Blake kissed the top of their heads. “I’ve told Liam I’m not going away like that again. I’m your Daddy and I should be with you. Not anyone else.”

Eddie’s smile was brilliant, and he reached up to kiss Blake’s mouth. “I agree.” They both turned to Tyler and Eddie frowned. “You don’t want that?”

Tyler chewed on his bottom lip.

“Tyler, don’t you want me to be just with you?” Blake asked, his tone gentle.

“You were someone else’s Daddy?” Because Tyler really had a problem with that.

“I pretended to be,” Blake said. “I was a fake Daddy. Someone was trying to kill him to gain his business.”

“Is he all right?” Tyler asked, trying to be calm and reasonable about the idea of Blake touching another boy. What he really wanted to do was shout and yell and wrap Blake up in chains. No other boy touched his Daddy except Eddie. Tyler shot a glance at Eddie who looked as unhappy as he felt.

“The boy is safe, and he found his own Daddy before we’d really got started. They’re in love. We got kicked off the case.” Blake sounded exasperated.

“You don’t have to go back?” Eddie asked.

Blake cupped his chin and kissed him deeply before he said, “I was going to tell you later, boys, but I guess it may as well be now.”

“Tell us what?” Tyler asked, worried now.

“I never have to go back. I’ve resigned from Quickfire. I’m your Daddy 24/7.”

Tyler knew what an important decision this was for Blake. They’d discussed it before, and Blake had always said no. He and Eddie were multi-millionaires. Blake was going to have to cope with being a kept man. Then he looked at Blake’s tender smile and knew he could cope, even if they got extra spankings. He shivered at the yummy idea.

Blake grimaced. “I haven’t had time to buy my boys any presents. I’m sorry. I only got back about half an hour ago.”

Eddie sobbed just a little and pushed in closer to both of them. “You’re the only present we need, Daddy. Just you.”

And for a boy who lived for presents, Tyler didn’t care at all. “You’re staying with us now. That’s the best present ever, Santa Daddy.”

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