Bear in Boots

The Final Bearytales Happy Ever After!

An explosive found family romance in the Bearytales in the Wood world.

Brad feels a little out of place in his tight-knit family. His six gay Daddy brothers are all coupled up, leaving Brad as the lone Daddy without a boy to love. The drama of the past two years has eased and now, he’s lonely.

Brad has always found solace in his barn, where he spends his days blowing things up and writing poetry about the explosive chaos. He’s even gotten a publishing contract although he isn’t sure what he’s meant to do with it.

Then a shy young man turns up at Christmas Tree farm from his publisher. He’s meant to be there to help Brad finish his poetry, but the two find a connection beyond just words on a page. Eric has longed for a family of his own, and Brad’s love for his brothers and his willingness to embrace new people into their fold is exactly what he’s been looking for.

Together, they explore the explosive world of Brad’s barn and poetry and the quieter moments of love and family. With Brad by his side, will Eric find the love and family he had always been missing? Will Brad find the boy of his heart and mind? Can it be this easy…?

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