Beau Bear


When a gruff Daddy thinks he’s an ugly duckling, it takes a special boy to show him that he’s a beau bear.

Damien has known his whole life that he was the ugly duckling of the seven Brenner brothers. But as a big Daddy bear, it didn’t matter until Vinny comes into his life.

Another boy rescued from Kingdom Mountain Theme Park, Vinny is too young and too beautiful for an old bear like Damien. The age gap is too much. He needs a younger, gorgeous Daddy to take care of him.

Try telling Vinny that. He wants Damien to be his Daddy, and he’s not going to accept no for an answer. He’s sure he can out-stubborn Damien, with a little help from Damien’s family.

Who is going to win this battle of wills?

Can Damien ignore his heart’s desire and persuade Vinny he needs a fresh start away from the mountain and away from him. Or will Vinny finally persuade Damien that the only place he wants to be is in the arms of his beau bear.

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