Boy Riding


Not every boy wants to be rescued. Not every Daddy is ready to take care of a boy. Not everyone gets what they want.

An enemies-to-lovers romance in the Bearytales in the Wood world.

Red felt he’d exchanged one prison for another. From the Kingdom Mountain theme park to the Brenner brothers’ cabin. Only this one was worse. Everyone was happy and expected him to be too. He hated it and he hated them.

Harry didn’t like the new arrival in the Brenner household. The boy was rude to his family, which made everyone annoyed. The only time Red was happy was when he was in the stables. Which made him Harry’s problem as far as the family was concerned.

For Red, there was only one saving grace and that was the horses. They didn’t judge him and expect him to be grateful all the time.

Harry didn’t know what to do with a resentful boy. The family expected him to be Red’s Daddy. Harry just wanted to look after his horses—alone.

The path to a happy ever after was never going to be smooth, especially if the Daddy and boy viewed each other as the enemy. What would it take for Harry and Red to realize they were made for each other?

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