Dark Haven


Finn has watched the cop long enough to know he’s being framed. But will the Prince of Darkness listen to him? Finn’s news isn’t what he wants to hear. Is Finn going to have to disobey the head of his Mafia crime family to save the cop? He’ll put a target on his own back if he does. He knows Matty’s secret. Is this boy worth the danger?

Matty is a hard-working cop, but he hides his secret desire from his co-workers, family, and friends. He knows he’s too old, too tired, and not sweet enough. No Daddy wants him. Until one night, a new Daddy offers him the chance to fulfil his dream. Is Finn worth the risk of being found out?

Finn swiftly realizes Matty is everything he’s ever wanted. Then all hell breaks loose. Will he keep Matty alive long enough to make him his boy? And what will Matty do when he finds out who Finn really is?

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