Dark Heart

Dark Heart


The bodyguard must keep his head in the game and his heart locked up. He may be a Daddy but there’s no way he can take this boy in hand. Not if he wants to remain breathing.

When you’re a bodyguard who comes with a brutal reputation for taking dangerous assignments and getting the job done—whatever the cost—you know there’s a high chance you won’t make it out alive.
But when Leon is assigned to protect Domenico, known as the Prince of Darkness, the spoiled heir to the Acierno family, he knows the assignment’s probably going to end with a bullet to the back of his head. Either by the family’s enemies or his employer.
It’s bad enough that Dom’s father controls the city with an iron fist. But there’s an added complication. The young prince may look like an angel but he’s feisty, out of control, and hunting for a Daddy to put him over his lap.
Domenico may be the boy Leon longs to take to his heart, but the bodyguard can’t afford to get involved with the beautiful young man. However the Prince of Darkness isn’t used to the word, no.

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