Dark Secret


He killed his father. Now he expects to die in the cave. Alone. No one knows where he is. No one cares. The only thing that keeping him from falling apart is the sound of a heartbeat in the darkness, strong and there for him.

Paolo killed his father, the head of the ruthless Acierno Mafia family, and fled the family home. Now he’s been kidnapped and held hostage, but he doesn’t know who kidnapped him or why. All he knows is he expects to die, alone in a cave.

Tiger’s tired of doing protection detail for Z-list celebrities and stroppy teenage kids of politicians. He’s also exhausted, his dreams full of cold and pain and a faint heartbeat reaching out to him.

Then he’s offered an assignment by Nico Acierno, the Prince of Darkness, to find his missing twin brother. He doesn’t want to take the assignment, but he’d like to sleep again without these dreams.

Will Tiger find Paolo before it’s too late?

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