Ed & Marchant

Ed and Marchant front cover.


Ed is not a nice man. He’s a lousy boss. He’s got no friends. Everyone hates him, especially where he works. But they don’t understand Ed is a man in turmoil, with a desperate need for someone to ‘see’ him.

Then he collides with Marchant, a Dominant who owns a BDSM club. Marchant sees him only too well and won’t let him hide. Ed’s world starts to unravel as Marchant forces him to face the angry, hurting man inside.

Will Ed allow Marchant to show him how to be happy? Will he let go of the pain that has dominated his life? Will he finally show the world his paso doble?

Find out in Ed & Marchant.

Content info – Ed & Marchant mentions past child abuse. BDSM is mentioned but not a focal point of the story.

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