Go-To-Guy front cover.


A hurt/comfort tale in the sizzling gay cowboy Morning Report series.

Ray is surrounded by happy gay couples on the Lost Cow Ranch. Lonely and in desperation, he visits the Pink Palm, a spit-and-sawdust dive. What he wants is a hook-up with someone new. What he gets is a closeted, desperately unhappy divorcé named Zeke.

Zeke lost everything when he was outed. His kids, his job, his whole life. He’s extremely bitter and in denial about his sexuality. But he’s lonely too. And Ray is the first person to show him any kindness in a long time.

Ray wants uncomplicated. Zeke is not that cowboy. But his need to hold Zeke in his arms and shield him from the world is overwhelming.

Zeke wants…well, he has no clue, but he knows Ray offers him everything he’s always desired, and nothing he thought he could have.

Will Ray still love Zeke when he finds out who he is? Will Zeke find the strength to step into Ray’s world.

Find out in Go-to Guy.

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