Hair Harry’s car seat

Hairy Harry's car seat front cover.


On the worst day of his life, Peter meets the man who could change his world forever. Is he brave enough to take a second chance at love?

Peter walks away with from his marriage with two things: a suitcase and Hairy Harry, the family pet. When Harry becomes ill, Peter is faced with one of the hardest decisions he’s ever had to make… saying goodbye to his best friend.

Evan is the kind locum vet who attends to Harry. It doesn’t take long for Peter to realise they’re both lonely and in need of friends. For the first time in too long, Peter has something to forward to each evening. But there’s a stumbling block. Evan is gay, and openly admits his attraction to Peter.

Faced with that knowledge Peter has a tough decision to make. He knows he has feelings for Evan too. Is he ready to admit to the world he could be out for the hot vet?

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