Hidden Mate


Can the mated humans and wolf shifters of Sapphire Ranch navigate their lives and new love through a world of hunters, danger, and betrayal?

Sheriff and Protector, working together to save Sapphire Ranch. If only they could think about the job and not each other.

Sheriff Milo Clark has always kept his identity as a wolf shifter hidden from everyone. But when the head of a security firm, Eli, arrives in town to help protect Sapphire Ranch from the dangerous human hunters, Milo finds himself inexplicably drawn to the handsome man and it doesn’t take long to realize that Eli is his fated mate. Finding his mate is the last thing he needs.

Shifters, mates, bullets that dissolve a man. Eli has seen strange things in his time, but nothing like the world he’s in now. It doesn’t help that he’s completely distracted by the local lawman. When he should be focused on helping the shifter packs, instead he’s thinking about Milo.

As they work together to keep the wolves safe, their connection grows stronger. With the threat of the hunters looming, can Milo and Eli navigate their new love while keeping everyone they care about safe?

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