His Valentine


Some men give flowers for Valentine’s Day. Mitch gives Jake two nights in the field with men who hate his guts.

Jake Tyler got a second chance at love with Mitch Mitchelson at J.T’s Bar, and he’s not letting go of that. So when Mitch is offered a job at the covert ops agency, Jake follows him, taking the job of trainer. But it doesn’t take him long to realize he hates the work. Not only does he doubt his skills, the trainees dismiss him as little more than a bartender.
Mitch can see his husband’s unhappy, and he hates it. He knows Jake is craving action and the old team around him. So Mitch arranges for the rookie team to be sent on a retrieval exercise in the field—with Jake as the package. Jake can’t figure how being away from Mitch surrounded by men who hate his guts is going to help anything. But Mitch, as ever, has a plan.

His Valentine front cover.

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