Hold Tight

Hold Tight front cover.


The fourth book in Sue Brown’s high stakes Biker Daddy Bodyguards series

Against his better judgement Griff is drawn into the world of the Biker Daddy Bodyguards. One look at the hurt green eyes of the angry man sitting on the couch and Griff knows that he wants to do more than escort Jem Peacock home.

After a bad experience Jem has distrusted all Daddies and his recent experience has not done anything to change his mind. This Daddy, all wiry muscle and compact strength, is not his type. At all. Ever. Jem is too old to change his mind.

To his fellow bodyguards, Jem is a client. To their community, Jem is a boy in need of a Daddy. To Griff, Jem is a treasure to be nurtured. Will Jem give him that chance?

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