Hunted Mate


Can the mated humans and wolf shifters of Sapphire Ranch navigate their lives and new love through a world of hunters, danger, and betrayal?

As they fight to protect their love and their families, will Joe and Cal survive long enough to discover just how strong they can be together?

When Joe shoots a predator on his ranch, he never expects the wolf to shift into a naked man at his feet, talk in his head, or declare they are now fated mates. Joe is a down-to-earth kind of guy. Shifters don’t exist, do they?

An omega wolf on the run from vicious human hunters, Cal never expects to find a human friend, let alone his true mate. From the moment he meets Joe, he knows he’s the one. Convincing Joe is another matter.

But Joe discovers that not only do shifters exist, but they are in danger from a group of hunters who seek to capture and exploit shifters for their gain. He must protect Cal and his family, but how?

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