Island Counsellor


A small island gay romance, the fifth in An Isle Story series.

Two men hurting. A chance meeting on the beach leads to friendship and a little bit more. But can they heal each other to face their lives again?

Despite the calm face he presents to the world, Logan is hurting deeply. After a traumatic incident he’s in hiding on the island, from friends and family, unsure whether he’ll ever return to his normal life.

Nick desperately wants to work, but he’s not willing to accept the harsh reality that he’s not yet fit enough to return to the fishing boat.

A chance meeting leaves both men recognising they need a friend, but can they help each other?

Will Logan confront his fears? Will Nick admit his injury will take time to heal? Will the gnomes escape from the front garden?

If you love small island romances with a touch of hurt comfort, Island Counsellor is for you.

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