Island Doctor

Island Doctor book front cover.


A small island gay romance, the fourth in An Isle Story series.

A closeted doctor with a broken heart. A down to earth mechanic in search of love. Will Jeff and Cameron find their happy every after or will Jeff’s ex-boyfriend reclaim his heart?

Jeff loves his job as a country doctor on the Isle of Wight. But when his long-term partner cheats on him, he’s left with a broken heart and a broken-down car. Then he meets a man who seems determined to mend both.

Cameron is a car mechanic with a soft spot for the sad-eyed young doctor who needs a friend. His mission is to make Jeff smile again.

Will friendship turn into love? Will Jeff learn how to cook? Will Cameron go caveman on Jeff’s ex?

If you adore your romances with a passionate man who loves with his cooking and heals a doctor’s broken heart, Island Doctor is definitely for you.

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