Isle of Waves

Isle of Waves front cover.


A small island gay romance, the third in An Isle Story series.

Wig and Nibs have the perfect world. Their home, their business and each other. But will they be strong enough to weather the coming storm?

From the moment Wig met his partner he knew he’d follow Nibs to the ends of the earth. Or in this case a family restaurant on a small island. He never thought anything would test their relationship aside from the occasional flirty man, but their new neighbours have other ideas.

Nibs is a huge bear of a man, happiest in the kitchen wielding a knife. He has two loves in his life: Wig and the Blue Lagoon. But the restaurant is failing and he’s hiding a secret from his partner.

Will Wig and Nibs survive the neighbours’ dirty tactics? Will the Owens family drive their friends to distraction? Will Wig and Nibs bond together and weather the storms?

If you like a small island romance with a loved-up gay couple, annoying friends, and neighbours with nefarious plans, Isle of Waves is for you.

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