Isle of Where

Isle of Where book front cover.


Two men meet at the end of a pier. It could have been the end of the story if one of them hadn’t been Sam Owens.

After taking care of his dying best friend, Michigan-based Liam is exhausted and in desperate need of a vacation of sun, sea and hot men. Instead, his friend sends him on a journey to scatter his ashes in a family destination thousands of miles from home, with grey skies, a rickety train, and Sam.

Sam is on the island to check on his eccentric grandma. He meets an overwhelmed and tired man at the end of a pier, clearly in need of a friend, a family, and a lot of loving.

Will Liam let Sam sweep him into his heart and his family? Will he complete the task his friend set him? Will Sam introduce him to the whole island? Will he leave his heart behind with Sam when he returns home?

If you love gay vacation romances which make you cry a little, laugh a lot, with loving men with big hearts and an eccentric grandma, the Isle of Where is for you.

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