Jack’s Giant


Jack rides into town with a short to-do list
*Hide from the bad man
*Find a new job
*Find his forever Daddy
*Live Happily Ever After
Nowhere on the list was ‘Get knocked down by the town giant.’
But when he wakes to find himself in the arms of PJ Brenner, he discovers he may have fulfilled his to-do list in one go. If he’s brave enough to admit his secret.

PJ’s brothers saved their boys from life-threatening situations. PJ knocks his boy to the ground. After a rocky start, he’s determined to help Jack whether he wants it or not.
*Take the sweet boy home
*Find him a job
*Find him somewhere to live
*Find out what he’s hiding
Nowhere on the list is live happily ever after. But it doesn’t take PJ long to discover he wants to be the one to give Jack his fairy tale ending. If only Jack would trust him.

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