Morning My Angel


Sparks fly when Josh and Cal join forces to find a missing person. Will clashes become kisses in a high stakes action adventure?

In London to find the missing partner of his security firm, Josh Cooper constantly clashes with his new UK partner, charismatic, but arrogant Cal Ross. It should have been a simple case of finding the man. But Josh is dealing with conflicting agendas, both with the assignment and his love life.

There’s no doubt of the physical attraction between him and Cal, but Josh is also involved with the mysterious Charlie, his long-term cyber-relationship. Who will he choose?

Josh’s heart is tied up with Charlie, his head is with Cal, and his missing persons case has taken a sinister turn. Now there’s a new target. Him.

Will Cal rescue him before he becomes fishbait?

If you like an enemies to lovers, passionate relationship along with a fast-paced, high stakes plot, you’ll love Morning My Angel.

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