Rogue Mate


Can the mated humans and wolf shifters of Sapphire Ranch navigate their lives and new love through a world of hunters, danger, and betrayal?

What happens when a rogue wolf, unwelcome anywhere, unwanted by shifters or humans, stumbles into danger and meets his fated mate?

Owen is a rogue wolf shifter, cast out from his pack for standing up to his alpha, and left with a scar down his face. He is lost and adrift in a world that no longer welcomes him, either as a shifter or human. When he stumbles into Sapphire Ranch, he never expects his past to catch up with him.

Zeke is dealing with an assignment like no other. Protecting wolf shifters from his own kind, humans. Then a scrawny, angry wolf becomes another shifter to protect, and life gets another layer of complicated. Especially when Owen talks attitude in Zeke’s head.

When Sapphire Ranch is targeted by the vicious hunters, Zeke and Owen have more than a new relationship to handle. Will they survive long enough for Owen to realize he’s no longer alone, he has a new pack, and that Zeke will always be by his side?

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