Roping His Hero

Roping His Hero front cover.


Sweet and Spanky night at Xavier’s club, where curious twinks get a spanking and a taste of being a sub. Some return, most don’t.

The Cowboy Daddy is in Hollywood…and totally out of his depth in a town where everything and everyone is shiny and on show, including the BDSM club.

But one sub doesn’t fit the mold. The huge submissive in the mask is ignored by most of the Doms. He’s too big and too much of a challenge. But for Ronan, he’s perfect.
Why does Aidan bother? Another night on his knees being ignored. At least his humiliation is hidden behind the mask.
The Cowboy Daddy doesn’t blend in with the smooth and polished Doms. He’s a rough diamond. But he ignores the sweet twinks and asks for Aidan. For one night, Aidan is with someone who treats him like a precious gem.

But Ronan receives an unexpected job offer and Aidan gets a bodyguard. Only one of them knows the truth. What happens when the truth comes out? Will the Cowboy rope his hero, or will he ride off into the sunset?

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