Secretly Dating the Lionman


Can the stripper with the heart of a lion lead a closeted gay man into the sunlight? Or is he always going to be the secret date in the shadows?

Cris would like a boyfriend, but it’s not easy to find a date when he works anti-social hours. The constant judgment about his job as a stripper? Yeah, he can do without that too.

So why does Cris have to fall head over heels in love with a prickly, judgmental man so far in the closet he’s never seen daylight? He knows opposites attract but this is ridiculous.

Bennett is handsome and talented, and petrified his family will find out he is gay. Falling in love with an out and proud stripper is a complication he really doesn’t need. But his heart doesn’t care.

Will Bennett be brave to accept the love, friendship and support Cris is offering? Is it sunlight or shadows for the couple?

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