Slow Dating the Detective


A gentle bartender. A broken-hearted detective. Both need a second chance … but first one of them has to admit they’re dating.

Keenan’s whole life changed in an instant and he spent years learning how to live again. But when he meets a hot, dark-haired stranger outside a strip club, Keenan wonders if he’ll get a second chance at life.

Maybe he would have, if Keenan had remembered to get his phone number.

But then he meets the sexy stranger again and discovers Nate is a detective. The attraction between them is obvious and one hook-up leads to another. All Keenan wants is a relationship and Nate…doesn’t.

Will Keenan wait for Nate to ask him on a date? Will Nate push Keenan’s gentle love too far? What will it take for them both to realize they’re already in a relationship?

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