Speed Dating the Boss

Speed dating the boss front cover.


His friends are determined to find Dan a wedding date. After all, dating is a numbers game, right? How hard can it be to find a fake boyfriend?

No one knows Dan has a long-time, unrequited crush on his handsome, billionaire boss, Gideon. But Gideon is straight, and Dan loves his job in the Cowboys and Angels bar, so Dan keeps his head down and pours the drinks.
When his best friend gets married—again, Dan is happy to go stag—again. but everyone insists that he needs a date for the wedding. Dan is hustled into attending a speed-dating event to find a fake boyfriend for the day, with unexpected results.

Why does Mr. Twenty want to be his date? Is this some joke at Dan’s expense, or will Dan find his Happy Ever After with his boyfriend for the day?

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