The Lord’s Tale

The Lord's Tale front cover.


Jesse longs for the bell signaling the end of the school

Originally published by Silver Publishing.

Book #3 of The Fitzwarren Inheritance, with Chris Quinton and R.J Scott.

“I curse you, and your children’s children, that you shall all live out your allotted years, and that those years shall be filled with grief and loss and betrayal, even as you have betrayed and bereaved me.”

Phil Fitzwarren is surrounded by death and tragedy as a result of the curse imposed on his family by Jonathan Curtess. The estate is riddled with debt, his parents and brother killed and his young nephew and much-wanted heir to what is left of the Fitzwarren estate fights for his life after being born prematurely.

Since the arrival of Mark Renfrew, a psychic descendent of Curtess, and Daniel, a soldier suffering from PTSD, breaking two of the cryptic conditions of the curse, Phil feels his life is being overtaken by events out of his control.
Phil also has to admit that as his friends and family pair off and marry, he is lonely, and maybe a little jealous. He takes his anger and frustration out on the climbing wall, only to be picked up by a gorgeous guy when he freezes twenty feet up.

Lee Curtis is a force of nature, inserting himself into Phil’s life before Phil has time to breathe. But there is the third part of the curse to break, “when the one who seeks in danger is sworn to the landless lord”. Phil realises that Lee is the final piece of the puzzle and the curse which has plagued his family for centuries may finally be broken.

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