Complete Faith

Complete faith front cover.


Sequel to the sizzling gay cowboy romance, Morning Report.

Tommy is faced with an impossible decision, his first love, or his family. Will he take the risk and follow his heart’s desire?

Tommy has hidden his sexuality his entire life. Despite the fact he works on the Lost Cow Ranch and his bosses are gay, Tommy knows his parents will never accept the truth. Then he meets Pastor Noah who is unlike any man of God – or any man – Tommy’s ever met. Witty and sharp tongued, yet he takes care of his congregation with love and kindness.

Noah is overwhelming to the shy virgin cowboy. He doesn’t hide his attraction to Tommy even though he treats him with gentle respect. But one issue stands in the way of their happiness. Noah left the closet a long time ago and he won’t step back in, not even for Tommy.

Faced with the choice of losing Noah or coming out to his parents, will Tommy take his first steps out of the closet?

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