Morning Report

Morning Report front cover.


Morning Report sizzles with drama and desire in a passionate gay cowboy romance.

As boss of the Lost Cow Ranch, most mornings Luke has one thing on his mind. Coffee and taking the morning report from his foreman and long-time partner, Simon. Ten years after their first kiss, Luke is more in love with Simon than ever, and fiercely guards their relationship. 

After a decade, Simon knows just how to handle his possessive partner. One look, one touch, and Luke will settle in his arms. They both know who’s the boss in their relationship. Simon will stand between Luke and the world to protect his lover. 

But there is trouble brewing and the small town close to them becomes an unfriendly place to be. Can Luke and Simon’s established relationship survive under the pressure from the town? Will they stand and fight for themselves, their men, and the ranch, or will their world crumble?

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